Committee Officers 2020

2020-2021 J. Thickett
2018-2019 A.Marshall
2017-2018 J. Lintin
2016-2017 D. A. Skyes
2015-2016 M. France
2014-2015 H. Dickinson
2013-2014 S. A. Rodgers
2012-2013 K. Pearn
2011-2012 F. B. King
2010-2011 Postlethwaite
2009-2010 I. B. Wall
2008-2009 G. P. Kaye
2007-2008 G. P. Kaye
2006-2007 G. Sharpe
2004-2005 K. Burton
2003-2004 K. Pickering
2002-2003 J. S. Welsh
2001-2002 K. G. Robinson
2000-2001 J. Mercer
1999-2000 F. B. Pickering
1998-1999 F. S Hague
1997-1998 R. M. Hudson
1996-1997 H. Corney
1995-1996 A. Bradley
1994-1995 D. E. Haywood
1993-1994 K. G Ogden
1992-1993 V. Smith
1991-1992 J. R. Atkin
1990-1991 G Garnett
1989-1990 A. Carlin
1988-1989 H. Chapman
1987-1988 H. R. Ray
1986-1987 L. Hoole
1985-1986 B. Watson
1984-1985 B. W Hawke
1883-1984 P. L. Hearn
1982-1983 T. A Dealey
1981-1982 J. G. Gordon
1980-1981 S. Morris
1979-1980 S. Miller
1978-1979 A. Huffinley
1977-1978 T. H. Stubbs
1976-1977 L. France & R. E. Walley
1975-1976 F. Dickinson
1974-1975 W. Moore
1973-1974 F. Sellars
1972-1973 C. J. Rees
1971-1972 C. Vicke
1970-1971 W. Ash
1969-1970 H. Renishaw



Vice Chairman




Assistant Secretary




Assistant Treasurer


Speaker Finder


Assistant Speaker Finder


Welfare Officer


Hon. Accounts Reviewers



Day Excursion Officer

Julie Thickett

Brian King






Steve York


Ian Wall


Ken Pearn




Tony Marshall


Brian King

John Lintin


Dr David Sykes

The AGM will see new officers take their role for 2020.

If you are interested in getting involved in the committe please discuss with any member of the committee.

We still have vacant positions on the committe.

Are you interested in becoming more involved and active within your club?

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